New Timetable for Fridays

Friday Music Centre, Professional Development Centre, Park Road, Formby. 

Please bring along your Consent Form which can be found under –

Play & Sing in Sefton/Letters to Parents/Carers.

4-5pm                 Junior Strings                   Beginner to Grade 2

4.30 – 5.15pm    Percussion Ensemble      See Ensemble Director

4.30-5.15pm       Junior Brass                     Beginner to Grade 1

4.30-5.15pm       Brass Quartet                   See Ensemble Director

4.30-5.15pm       Junior Woodwind             Beginner to Grade 3

5-6pm                 Sefton Strings                  Grade 2 and above

5.15-7pm            Wind Orchestra                Grade 3 to 8

6-7.45pm            Intermediate Brass          Grade 1 to 4

6.15-7.45pm       Senior Brass                    Grade 4 to 8

7-8pm                Woodwind Quartet            See Ensemble Director

7.45-8.30pm      Brass Ensemble                Grade 4 to 8