Careers Resources 2023

LCR Creative Industries Case Studies

A. LCR Case Studies

LCR Creative Industries Information and Pupil Tasks

B.LCR Worksheets

LCR Creative Industries KS3 Schemes of Learning

C1. Creative Careers Toolkit SOL 1 Life at Sea Draft 2 Compressed

C2. Creative Careers Toolikit SOL 2 At the Movies

C3. Creative Careers Toolkit SOL 3 Going Down To Liverpool

LCR Songwriting Resources

D1. Songwriting_ Pupil Resource Booklet_2023

E1. Songwriting_study_guide_1_2023

E2. Songwriting_study_guide_2_2023

E3. Songwriting_study_guide_3_2023

E4. Songwriting_study_guide_4_2023

Songwriting Video 1 – Preparation and lyrics

Songwriting Video 2 – Rhyme and rhythm

Songwriting Video 3 – Melody and lyrical scanning

Songwriting Video 4 – Chords and accompaniment

Songwriting Video 5 – Recording your song